Shuji Utsumi
Image: CNBC International TV

Sega has announced that Shuji Utsumi has been appointed President/COO and CEO of Sega America and Europe this week (thanks, VGC).

Utsumi – whose most recent title in the company was Co-COO, President of Consumer Game and Transmedia, Representative Director, CEO, Sega of America, Inc. Chairman, Sega Europe Ltd (try saying that twice as fast) – has had quite the career.

Utsumi joined Sony in 1986, later helping found Sony Computer Entertainment and launch PlayStation in North America before moving to Sega and helping to release the Dreamcast outside of Japan.

After leaving Sega, he held roles at Disney Interactive and Q Entertainment before rejoining Sega in 2020.

During his first stint at Sega, he worked on titles like Samba De Amigo, Sega GT and Sonic Adventure. While at Disney, he was involved with the Kingdom Hearts series, which was created in cooperation with Square.

Utsumi's new title was announced by Sega’s parent company Sega Sammy earlier this week.