Image: Nintendo

Back in December, the ROM hacker and port specialist Infidelity released his fanmade version of Metroid for the SNES, introducing new features such as a modified save system, MSU-1 audio, and various other improvements.

However, if you want to enhance your Metroid experience even further, there's now the option available to do just that, with a new patch recently becoming available that adds a new alternative status & map screen to the Nintendo classic.

The new patch wasn't created by Infidelity, but by another ROM hacker named "Peachpie" (listed elsewhere as MistSonata) and was recently spotted by Metroid Database over on Twitter. It introduces some stunning new pixel art of Samus (which shows what items and upgrades you have collected), as well as an alternative map screen to keep everything nice and consistent.

You can download the patch now from

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