Cash Cow DX
Image: Pixel Games

Donut Dodo is one of the best arcade throwbacks we've played in recent years, so we were over the moon to learn that its developer Pixel Games will be releasing a brand new title named Cash Cow DX on Steam next month (on February 16th).

Cash Cow DX looks to be an homage to classic '80s arcade platformers like Namco's Mappy and sees players step into the hooves of a treasure-hunting cow as she sets out to rescue her riches from the greedy Pig Pockets and his dastardly minions.

According to the Steam page, it will contain 5 multi-screen levels along with other bonus stages and secrets to uncover. That's in addition to worldwide leaderboards, and a selection of modes (arcade, speedrun, and marathon) and player speed options (normal or turbo) to pick from.

The musician Vincent Verger will also be providing the soundtrack, whose previous credits include retro indie titles like Goodboy Galaxy, Witch n' Wiz, and Flea.

You can wishlist the game now on Steam. According to a tweet from Pixel Games, there are also plans to release it on Switch at a later date.

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