The Meating
Image: Mega Cat Studios

The retro publisher Mega Cat Studios has just added a brand new Game Boy Advance tier to its ongoing Kickstarter for the NES puzzle platformer The Meating. So if you're looking to expand your physical library of GBA games and like what you've seen of the project so far, then you might want to consider backing it.

The Meating, in case you're unaware of it, puts the player in the role of a minotaur named Kon who was slaughtered by a butcher and is then granted an opportunity to return as a vengeful spirit to try and piece himself back together. The Kickstarter promises over 40 challenging stages to explore, which will see players taking advantage of a bunch of different ghost skills like pyrokinesis and possession, in order to track down their missing meat and uncover the circumstances surrounding their untimely death.

There are currently three tiers available to back which feature the GBA version of the game as a reward. These include the Sirloin Supporter ($50), Brisket Bacchus ($65), and Hearty Helping ($125) tiers, which are all now listed on the Kickstarter.

The Sirloin Supporter tier offers a complete-in-box version of the GBA version along with a digital bundle (including the ROM, the soundtrack, a poster, and a PDF manual), while Brisket Bacchus throws in a digital copy for Nintendo Switch, an additional poster, and a pin to proudly display. The Hearty Helping is the most expensive of the three options available and is comprised of a complete-in-box copy of The Meating for GBA and NES, the digital bundle, and an additional poster and pin.

Here is the link to the Kickstarter to find out more.