There have been a lot of great MSX homebrews being developed lately and Tiny Magic appears to be no exception.

The puzzle adventure platformer was recently made available to preorder on Coté Gamers' website and came to our attention thanks to the fine folks over at IndieRetroNews.

According to the game's description, it is "a cute puzzle game for MSX2 or higher that tells the story of mage-in-training Thiharis, who has to pass over 50 increasingly dangerous stages to join the Mage Master circle." This involves conjuring bubbles to move objects, pushing rocks to activate switches, using portals to get around, and evading the various spikes and trap doors dotted around the world.

From the trailer, it looks to be a great addition to the MSX library, with its colourful and adorable pixel art and Sokoban-style gameplay.

Two people are credited for its development, including Joël Werdonck (coding graphics, level design, text) and Jorrith Schaap (music, sound effects, text), with an additional third person named José E. Felix being enlisted to help out with the game's trailer.

Here's some info about its storyline:

"It is the year 1890. In our modern world, magic and mages are waning.

At Mahoutokoro Magic School a student is chosen for the final Master Mage exam.

This year young water mage Thiharis will be tested for his magic skills and intellect.

His teacher Alcina guides our hero to Ogaisuma Island for the final test.

Can you beat Alcina's trials and become the new master water mage?"

As mentioned, you can preorder the game now from Coté Gamers, but you can also grab it in person from this year's Goto40 event taking place in Amsterdam on December 9th (the same date the game will ship). It costs €35.00 and comes as a physical edition featuring the game cartridge, a box, and a 36-page instruction manual

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