Xelden Ring
Image: Brain Games

The MSX standard of home computers has had something of a resurgence of late, thanks to the announcement that new hardware is on the way.

This should lead to an influx of fresh software, but on a very limited level, that's been the case for some time, thanks to the efforts of homebrew coders and events like the yearly MSXDev competition.

As part of MSXDev23, Santiago Ontanon (AKA Brain Games) has created one of the most impressive MSX titles we've seen in a long time (thanks, Indie Retro News). Xelden Ring (get it?) started life as an exercise in seeing how possible it would be to craft a 3D action RPG on the humble MSX, and it has blossomed into a technically remarkable experience.

Set in the town of Middlebridge, you're tasked with ridding the local area of monsters. While the game is still clearly a work in progress, it's already stunning to see the MSX hardware pushed in this way.

If you fancy giving it a spin, you can play Xelden Ring in your browser here.

[source indieretronews.com]