Image: vtr0n

This week has seen a bunch of great new games hit Playdate's Catalog, with the standout for us being GlagStone β€” a new retro-style city-builder that sees players become mayor of a mysterious island and take care of the needs of its occupants in the aftermath of a devastating war.

It's a type of experience we didn't necessarily expect to see on the Playdate and controls surprisingly well, with players using the device's face buttons to open a series of simple menus to look up tasks, choose from a range of buildings to make, and examine your progress so far. The campaign for the game contains 12 main quests and 10 side quests to complete, as well as 20 unique buildings (huts, houses, sawmills, etc) to place, and 14 separate types of resources to collect.

It's not exactly the deepest strategy game ever released, but as a pocket-sized experience, it manages to hold the attention well, offering a mysterious plot to unravel regarding the island and its history.

Here is the description of the game taken from the store page:

"Welcome to GlagStone β€” a mysterious island on the edge of Silveria.

You have been appointed the new manager of the island, congratulations!

But not everything is so simple: The last manager disappeared mysteriously, the island is in decline, and relations on the border between states are aggravated."

If this sounds like something you want to check out, you can purchase it now for only $6 on Playdate Catalog.