Playdate Camera
Image: @t0m_fr

Panic's handheld, the Playdate, is getting its very own camera add-on, courtesy of the talented developer and creator Tom Granger.

Granger announced the add-on and its accompanying software last month on June 7th, showcasing the camera in action during a flashy presentation video. However, it only came to our attention earlier this month after Granger took to Twitter again, to share a new picture of his Playdate with a camera mount and larger lens attached.

In the original announcement video, Granger demonstrated how the add-on will connect to the Playdate handheld, with the creator plugging it into the device via its USB-C port at the bottom. He also showed off the user interface for the compatible software too, highlighting the ability to switch filters and change the brightness of the image.

It is obviously even the most versatile camera in the world, thanks to the Playdate's black and white, 1-bit display, but it still looks like a lot of fun and we'd be lying if we said we didn't want one.

As Granger has explained on Twitter, he won't be selling the camera add-on directly to those who are interested in it. Instead, he will be making everything open-source at some point on GitHub, which means that anyone will be able to put one together for themselves (if they have the time and know-how, of course).

Granger has recently hinted that there may be some more announcements to come regarding the camera project as part of the first Playdate Community Direct, happening this Thursday, July 6th. So, we'll definitely keep you posted, should we hear any exciting updates.