The Horror: Mansion
Image: Lost in Cult

Fangamer and Lost in Cult have teamed up to create THE HORROR, a series of books which will examine "the foundational hits, cult classics, indie nightmares and obscure curiosities of gaming."

The first volume in the series is entitled MANSION, and is all about "creepy castles, unkind estates, and cursed digital architecture."

To that end, it will showcase features and artwork based on Resident Evil, Alone in the Dark, The 7th Guest, Clock Tower, Rule Of Rose, House of the Dead, and Sweet Home.

The book will also shed some light on independent horror games such as Fear and Hunger, World of Horror, Faith, Iron Lung, and Alisa, as well as the people who made them.

Contributors include Trevor Henderson (Siren Head), Gareth Damian Martin (Citizen Sleeper), Plastiboo (Vermis), ThorHighHeels, Jenn Frank, Pippin Barr, and many more.

The Horror: MANSION is up for pre-order now, and costs $42. If stretch goals are met, the book could get bonus pages and even glow in the dark!

Don't forget, we're working with Lost in Cult on The Console Chronicles, which is also funding at the moment.