Image: Mike Chi / RetroTINK

The MARS FPGA project has added another big name to its ranks: RetroTINK Creator Mike Chi.

"Since launching the RetroTINK-2X in 2018, Mike Chi has revolutionized how we play our classic gaming hardware on modern displays," says the official MARS FPGA Twitter account.

"With the creation of the RetroTINK-5X and the RetroTINK-4K, Mike has created the most feature rich, widely supported, highly acclaimed retro gaming products on the market," it adds. "We’ll be working with Mike to bring many features from the RetroTINK-4K to MARS, such as auto-scaling, shadow masks, and scan-line filters. We’re excited to lean on Mike’s wealth of knowledge to make the MARS digital display experience the best it can possibly be."

"I’m deeply honored and humbled to be a part of this amazing project," responded Chi. "Honestly, you guys are doing stuff way beyond my ability. I’m just glad I can help out a bit on the video side."

Chi's RetroTINK devices have become the gold standard when it comes to getting retro systems connected to modern-day televisions. The RetroTINK-4K is his latest product.

Formally announced back in August, MARS FPGA ("Multi Arcade and Retro System") is based around the Titanium Ti180 FPGA chip. When compared to the decade-old DE10-Nano Cyclone V FPGA found in the MiSTer, its specs are impressive.

Wizzomafizzo (developer of MiSTer Extensions), Flxel (developer of 3DO and Dreamcast emulators), and ToddsNerdCave (industrial designer behind cases for products such as the OSSC, MiSTer and Retrotink 5x) have all been confirmed as working on the MARS FPGA project.