Sarah Jane Avory, the developer of Commodore 64 homebrews like Zeta Wing, Zeta Wing II, and Briley Witch Chronicles, appears to be gearing up to release her latest project.

As spotted by IndieRetroNews, the talented C64 developer published the first teaser trailer for Briley Witch Chronicles 2 — a sequel to her 2021 RPG — earlier this week and has also revealed on Twitter that the game will potentially be arriving as early as November 23rd.

From what we've been able to find out about the project, the Japanese-inspired RPG will continue the story of Briley, a young girl, who finds herself transported to a strange new world where she must become familiar with the powers of witchcraft in orderto survive.

Much like the last game in the series, she will be accompanied on her quest by her trusty companion — a grumpy cat named Smokey — as she visits various towns and villages full of weird and wonderful NPCs, collects ingredients to brew amazing potions, and fights against the strange foes she encounters.

It's all looking very promising from what we can see and we can't wait to check it out. We'll try to keep you posted on when the game is available to buy.

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