Vermis II
Image: Damien McFerran / Time Extension

A short time ago, we took a look at Vermis, a guidebook for a game that doesn't exist. The work of artist Plastiboo, it was a twisted and atmospheric journey into a grim fantasy world, populated by tormented characters, hideous monsters and disturbing locations.

Plastiboo has returned to the world of Vermis with a sequel book, Vermis II - Mist & Mirrors, and we were lucky enough to get our hands on a copy before the first print run sold out.

At 176 pages, it's larger than the previous volume, but Mist & Mirrors loses none of the impact, despite the extended length. Once again, the book serves as a narrative which guides you through a nightmarish world, taking time to give descriptions of the various individuals, items and enemies faced along the way.

Plastiboo's art style has a wonderfully aged look, which makes the book feel like a relic from the past, and the tone of the writing is blissfully melancholic, giving the impression of a SoulsBorne companion piece in all but name.

Thankfully, the book is expected to be back in stock this month, so keep your eyes on the Hollow Press site.