Hanshin Tigers GameCube
Image: @ColonelFalcon

If you're a fan of Japanese baseball, then you'll be aware that the Hanshin Tigers recently won the Japan Series for the first time since 1985.

You might be wondering why this is significant in the realm of video games, but, as spotted by Tokyo Game Life, Nintendo has a prior connection with the team.

Back in 2003, Hanshin won the Central League pennant, which meant it would play the winner of Japan's other baseball league, the Pacific League, in the Japan Series. Hanshin lost the 2003 to the Daiei Hawks.

Nintendo released a special GameCube to commemorate Hanshin winning the Central League pennant in 2003, and it's now one of the most appealing versions of the console.

With Hanshin's 2023 victory over the Orix Buffaloes, it begs the question – could we get a special edition of the Switch to commemorate this momentous occasion?

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