Awesome Games Done Quick has seen all kinds of weird and wonderful speedruns over the years, all in the name of raising money for charity. However, next year's event promises to be one of the strangest yet, as a dog named Peanut Butter will make history, becoming the first-ever canine speedrun at the show (via an online broadcast).

The Zelda speedrunner JSR_ announced the news on Twitter earlier this week, dropping a humourous minute-long trailer to build some hype for the run, which will be a playthrough of the 1985 NES game Gyromite. The video shows some adorable b-roll of Peanut Butter running around, just generally being the goodest of boys, and then gives some background on how he got started out with speedrunning, to begin with.

As the video states, it all began back in the Summer of 2023 when JSR_ had the amazing idea to coach his dog Peanut Butter through an entire run of the old NES game. He used a custom controller setup and a ton of treats to train Peanut Butter to press the correct inputs in sequence, which ended up with the pet finishing the game with a respectable time of 25 minutes and 29 seconds. Now Peanut Butter and JSR_ are going to be giving the game another shot in a special online run at next year's AGDQ 2024, where they will undoubtedly be hoping to shave a few seconds or minutes off that time.

Awesome Games Done Quick 2024 will take place between January 14th to 21st at the Wyndham Hotel in Pittsburgh. It will be available to stream live on the GamesDoneQuick Twitch channel, so be sure to tune it and donate.

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