Goemon Oedo Daikaiten
Image: Konami

The Goemon series — also known as the Mystical Ninja series in the West — has built up a strong cult following outside of Japan, despite its developer Konami only ever localizing a handful of titles outside of the region. Because of this, fan translations of the series are pretty common, with groups of hackers stepping up to provide a more accessible way of approaching the more obscure releases.

Last year, we told you about the release of a fan translation for the PlayStation title Goemon Shin Sedai Shuumei (AKA Goemon: The Successor for a New Generation). Well, now it appears that the same group (which includes AceDiez and RetroTranslator ) behind that effort is turning its attention toward another Goemon game for the PS1: Goemon Oedo Daikaiten (AKA Goemon: The Grand Cycle of Oedo).

Goemon: The Grand Cycle of Oedo sees the blue-haired bandit and his group of friends battling the Steel Five and the King of Recycling Ecorori who are responsible for the kidnapping of Princess Yuki. It features sidescrolling gameplay similar in style to the classic Goemon games for the SNES/Super Famicom and the N64 title Mystical Ninja 2 Starring Goemon (released as Goemon's Great Adventure in North America) and also includes a ton of references to characters and music from earlier titles to fit the game's theme of "recycling".

According to @AceDiez, work on this new translation is almost done, with @RetroTranslator claiming there are "just a few snags to iron out on the hacking side".

We'll try and keep you updated on when the patch becomes available. For now, you can view a longplay of the game below to get a better idea of how it plays:

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