Game Gear CleanAmp Duo
Image: Damien McFerran / Time Extension

There's a whole community around restoring and upgrading vintage hardware these days, and we're big fans of the fact that it's now possible to augment the abilities of your classic systems with things like new screens, batteries, controllers and AV capabilities.

Take the CleanAmp Duo, for example; designed from the ground up by RetroSix, it gives your Game Gear an audio overhaul, resulting in a 200% increase in volume, rich bass and amazing tonal range.

"The CleanAmp Duo by RetroSix focuses much more on the audio tonal range and restoring all the bass notes and high tones not heard on the original speaker," says the company. "The CleanAmp Duo provides a clean, stable and efficient output with clear, responsive and very broad ranged tonal audio. The sound is well over 200% louder than the original, with more of a focus on tonal range than volume. Hear those low beats, the high trebles, and coin collects like never before."

While some soldering is required to allow full volume, the CleanAmp Duo is a mostly wire-free install. You simply unscrew the old amp from the shell and drop the CleanAmp Duo in its place.

Let us know if you fancy upgrading your Game Gear's sound capabilities by posting a comment below.

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