Dead of the Brain
Image: FairyTale/NEC

If you fancy checking out something scary this Halloween, then we have the perfect thing for you.

As announced by David Shadoff earlier today on Twitter, the 1999 port of Dead of the Brain for the PC Engine Super CD-ROM² has just received a brand new fan patch, adding English text to make the game more accessible.

Developed by the Japanese company FairyTale and published by NEC, the game was initially released in 1992 as part of a series of horror adventure games (called the Nightmare Collection) for the PC-98, which also included its sequel and Marine Philt. It then later received ports for the MSX and FM-Towns, as well as the aforementioned PC Engine add-on.

The game sees players step into the shoes of Cole, an individual who unwittingly winds up in the middle of a zombie outbreak after his best friend Doctor Cooger's latest experiment — a serum to bring people back from the dead — inevitably goes awry. Players control Cole using a set of verbs on the screen similar to other adventure games of the era, with the overall goal being to survive and find a way to save his friends from the reanimated horde.

You can grab the patch now from or GitHub. There are also two unrelated patches available for the PC-98 version (one from 2019 and another from this year).

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