Image: ToddsNerdCave

If you've ever wanted to hook up a NES controller to your PC Engine, then you're in luck.

Todd Gill (the owner/designer at Retro Frog) has just announced a new ultra-low latency adapter for the NES controller that works with the PC Engine, CoreGrafx, SuperGrafx, and Duo Consoles. It will cost $34.99 and can even hook up to a TurboGrafx-16 (provided that you buy an additional $15 PCE2TG16 adapter).

Gill unveiled some images and details about the adapter on Twitter yesterday and encouraged anyone who is interested to sign up at the website StoneAgeGamer to be alerted when they are available.

According to Gill, it is expected to be released in late November/December and features an approximately 10-inch-long cable that can be replaced internally if ever damaged.

Here is the production description, taken from the store page:

"Looking for more controller options for your PCEngine console, but tired of existing solutions?

Introducing the NES2PCE adapter. The NES2PCE allows you to use ANY wired or wireless NES controllers on your PCEngine console. And with sub-1ms latency, you won't miss a single button press. NES2PCE is a true plug-and-play option, without any switches or options to configure. Just plug your controller into the NES2PCE, then plug it into your console and play."

Are you planning on ordering one? Let us know in the comments!

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