Cadillacs & Dinosaurs
Image: AL82 Retrogaming Longplays / Capcom

FPGA developer Jotego has been super busy this week, promoting his Capcom CPS2 core to a public release on Analogue Pocket (it's been available via his Patreon for a while) as well as adding support for the CPS1.5 games Cadillacs & Dinosaurs and The Punisher.

But that's not all; he has released a beta core for Taito's Bubble Bobble – which you'll need to sign up for his Patreon to gain access to. The MiSTer version of this core also has an update.

However, Namco's Splatter House – which was confirmed by Jotego as one of his future FPGA cores – is taking a little longer to crack:

Work on the Splatter House core continues. The game graphics are correct and the demo is stable and does not hang up. But, the MCU seems not to be working correctly and as a result, the coin inputs get locked randomly. It looks like the days until Halloween are going to be scary to me as a developer!

Finally, Jotego has voiced his intention to work on Space Odyssey, a 1981 arcade title from Sega:

I took part on the Arcade Conference organized by Museo Arcade Vintage in Ibi (Alicante) last weekend. Several developers from the scene assisted and some good ideas for projects and research came out. One of them is to replicate SEGA's custom chip 315-0042 used in Space Odyssey. This is a custom that sometimes appears as a small PCB, so the original schematics for it are available. Our lab work is ahead of core development now, so Hope85 (Esperanza's Discord nickname) will make a PCB for it. If there's interest, we'll make a core for this 40-year-old game.

If you want to know how to get these cores onto your Analogue Pocket, check out our guide.