Super Mario 3
Image: Zion Grassl / Time Extension

The NES classic Super Mario Bros. 3 is now 35 years old. Eek.

Released in Japan on October 23rd 1988, the game was hailed as an instant smash hit. Amazingly, it didn't come to North America until February 12th, 1990. It was even worse for European gamers, who had to wait until August 29th, 1991 to see what all of the fuss was about.

Super Mario Bros. 3 is easily one of the best games on the NES, and, in the eyes of many fans, remains the finest of Mario's 2D outings. It introduced the Super Leaf and the Tanooki Suit and gave players a non-linear level structure to explore via a map. It was memorably showcased during the finale of the 1989 Hollywood movie The Wizard.

With more than 17 million copies sold worldwide, Super Mario Bros. 3 is the third best-selling NES game of all time. It would also be released on the SNES as part of Super Mario All-Stars, and on the GBA as Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3.

What are your memories of Super Mario 3? Did you play it on the NES, or did you experience it later, on the SNES, GBA, Virtual Console or part of Nintendo Switch Online? Let us know with a comment below.