Live A Live
Image: Square Enix

Over the last decade or so, there have been a lot of new localizations of games that were previously unavailable and unreleased in the West. So much so, that it can be a little hard to keep tabs on them all.

That's why a Twitter user named Baust528 (who is also a senior game designer/writer/producer at Graphite Lab and the preservation website Game Vecanti) has recently gone to the effort of creating a new website to try and document all of these games in one handy list.

The retro fan announced the project on Twitter last Friday and is asking for suggestions/feedback to help fill in any gaps.

Of course, to avoid any confusion, @Baust528 has laid down some ground rules for what can and cannot be included. According to Baust528:

  • The original release must be from before 2010
  • The original release must NOT have contained English language support
  • The new release must come after 2012 & must be available on modern platforms
  • The modern release must be new! For example, Cave Story would not count, as it was first localized on Wii in 2010
  • And English language must be supported in the new release

@Baust528 admits these rules aren't exactly perfect and will likely have people fixating on 2010 being considered "retro" and 2012 being called "modern", but hopes that this project will inspire people to check out some of the games listed.

You can find the website here. If you see something missing from the list, be sure to reach out to @Baust528 on Twitter to make a suggestion.