Image: Nintendo

Infidelity, the romhacker and serial porter behind the fanmade SNES ports of The Legend of Zelda, DuckTales, Mega Man II, and Mega Man IV, has revealed he is about to start work on a port of the Nintendo classic Metroid for the 16-bit console.

As Infidelity mentions in the announcement for the port, he initially didn't want to tackle the game because he felt that Super Metroid was already the "definitive way to play a Metroid game on the SNES". Nevertheless, after completing his port of The Legend of Zelda earlier this year, he began getting an itch to port Metroid over to the console too.

As we've noted before, in order to get these ports working, Infidelity essentially takes the original game and then manually ports it over to the SNES using Hexadecimal and the Mesen2 debugger. This opens up the possibility of future enhancements further down the line, including updates to the game's audio, performance, and graphics.

We'll obviously be keeping an eye out for updates as the port progresses and will let you know once it is available to try out. For now, though, you can support Infidelity's work on Patreon, to thank the creator and see new builds of his projects before anyone else.