Dynami Tracer
Image: Square

Update [Tue 19th Sep, 2023 12:15 BST]: The download link for the English fan translation of Dynami Tracer is now available on romhacking.net. So if you want to play one of Square's more obscure titles from the '90s, now's your chance! You can grab the patch here.

Original Story [Mon 4th Sep, 2023 10:30 BST]: Another "lost" Squaresoft game for the long-defunct Nintendo Satellaview service is being translated into English, the Super Nintendo fan translator Kroko has revealed.

Dynami Tracer is the last of four games that Squaresoft developed for the Japan-exclusive Super Nintendo add-on (a device that allowed users to download games and other services over a satellite connection). It was made available in 1996 following the Chrono Trigger side story Radical Dreamers, the dating sim/board game Koi Wa Balance, and the combat adventure Treasure Conflix (three games that are also playable in English).

The game was created using the Chrono Trigger engine and also notably features a memorable (and slightly uncharacteristic) soundtrack from the legendary Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu.

The game is essentially an RPG where players select a character and race against five other CPU-controlled competitors across a bunch of planets, completing quests to unlock the most treasures. The winner is based on who reaches the finish line first combined with the total value of the treasures collected.

According to Kroko, the patch is already done, but the link is not yet live. We'll update this article as soon as it is available.

[source krokodyl.github.io, via twitter.com]