Rocket Jockey
Image: SegaSoft/Zoom Platform Media

The publisher Zoom Platform Media has announced today that it will be bringing the arcade sports game Rockey Jockey and the adventure title Obsidian to its digital storefront Zoom (in addition to Steam) on August 28th.

Both games were originally developed by Rocket Science Games, and published by SegaSoft (a joint venture between Sega and its then-shareholder CSK) in the mid-to-late '90s. But in recent years, players have been facing all kinds of uphill battles and challenges to get them working on their modern machines. Now, though, Zoom Platform Media, along with another company called Call Your Vegetables, has stepped in to resolve this problem, giving both titles a brand new opportunity to shine on modern PCs.

Rocket Jockey, in case you're in need of a quick refresher, was an action-packed title released in 1996 featuring Rocket-based sports that could either be played single-player or multiplayer. It included three different modes — called Rocket Ball, Rocket Racing, and Rocket War — with each of these providing a slightly different twist on the jet-propelled gameplay.

Obsidian, on the other hand, was Rocket Science Games' ambitious five-CD-ROM adventure game that was reminiscent of other titles like Starship Titanic and Myst. In it, you controlled a character named Lilah searching for your partner Max inside a mysterious world, with an AI named Ceres as your only guide. It featured a soundtrack from the musician Thomas Dolby, as well as some stunning pre-rendered backgrounds that still look pretty amazing today.

The store pages are both live now at the links below:

Worth noting is that the Zoom versions also come with some additional bonuses not available on Steam. Obsidian's Zoom version, for instance, comes with additional box artwork, concept art, manuals, and a Beta video preview with the director's commentary, while Rocket Jockey includes a download for a lossless FLAC soundtrack and an English promotional booklet.