Escape From CyberCity
Image: Phillips Media

Fathom Pictures' Escape From CyberCity isn't exactly the most well-known video game for the Philips CD-i. It is a 1992 port of the obscure arcade laser-disc title Freedom Fighter, which was an on-rail shooter released in 1987 and featured a number of anime cutscenes.

According to various reports, a sequel was being developed for the game in the mid-90s for CD-i and CD-ROM, called Return to CyberCity, but this title was never released, with only a few details ever surfacing.

Recently, however, the CD-i fansite The World Of CD-i has reported that a Beta version of this cancelled game for PC has now been found, with the person who discovered the lost piece of video game history acquiring it from a thrift store (of all places).

The World of CD-i first became aware of the disc after the user @ActNRply posted a comment beneath its three-year-old playthrough of Escape From CyberCity on YouTube that read:

"I just found a cd case at the thrift store titled RETURN TO CYBERCITY Inside is a burned disc labeled the same as the title as well as ‘BETA 95.03.17 for PC-REALMAGIC’ Does anyone know if a sequel was even planned? Wtf is this thing?"

The World of CD-i was then able to get in touch with the commenter and has posted an interesting article on the find, which includes some images of the disc in question and its in-lay. It is now on its way to the archival group Hidden Palace in order to be preserved and The World of CD-i hopes to get its hand on a copy in the future to capture some footage of its contents.