A Vampyre Story
Image: Autumn Moon Entertainment

If you're a fan of LucasArts adventure games, there's a chance you may have heard of Bill Tiller. Tiller was the background artist on The Curse of Monkey Island and later went on to found the adventure game company Autumn Moon Entertainment, where he continued creating games in the point 'n click tradition, like Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island and A Vampyre Story.

So, why do we mention this all now in 2023, you may ask? Well, in case you somehow miraculously managed to skip over the headline, it appears that out of nowhere A Vampyre Story has received an update almost fifteen years after its original 2008 release date, fixing various compatibility issues, adding new language options, and tweaking the game to work with the Steam Deck.

The update was published on July 30th and seems to have come about thanks to a partnership with the digital storefront and the game's new publisher Zoom. This is a company we've covered in the past for their previous preservation-based efforts such as working with the Duke Nukem fan community to update Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project and releasing old and forgotten titles like The Fortress of Dr. Radiaki.

Here is the full list of the improvements included in the recent update from A Vampyre Story's Facebook page:

  • Bug Fixes: We've addressed various issues people were having when running the game on modern systems. If you encounter more bugs, please let us know in the community discussions!
  • More Localizations: The game now supports Czech, French, German (voiced), Italian, Polish, Spanish (Voiced), and Russian (voiced).
  • Steam Deck Verified: We've made sure the new build of the game works flawlessly with the Steam Deck!
  • Steam Cloud Saves: Safeguard your saves and continue your adventure with Mona across any of your devices.
  • Steam Trading Cards & Library Assets: Since we're already here making updates, we've taken the opportunity to add emotes, backgrounds, trading cards, and badges. We spruced up the library art as well!

You can grab the game now on Zoom or on Steam to enjoy the game with all of these recent updates included. It will cost $9.99.

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