Mega Lo Mania
Image: EA / Sensible Software

EA made headlines yesterday after it announced that it was delisting Mirror's Edge, Battlefield 1943, Battlefield Bad Company 1 and Battlefield Bad Company 2 from digital stores, only to later point out that Mirror's Edge had been included in the announcement by mistake.

Anyone hoping for a less fretful day in the world of video game preservation should look away now, as we've just heard that EA is delisting its entire catalogue on the digital store Zoom Platform.

A haven for old games, Zoom is the storefront on which the infamously bad FPS title The Fortress Of Dr. Radiaki resides.

EA's catalogue on Zoom gets yanked on the 31st of March and includes the likes of Cannon Fodder, Overlord, Sensible Soccer 2006, Race Driver: Grid and Mega-Lo-Mania.