Wings of Madoola Flyer
Image: Sunsoft

As spotted by Gosokkyu on Twitter, Sunsoft earlier today shared a new image of the unreleased prototype of Wings of Madoola for the Nintendo VS. System and has even teased the possibility of reviving the game.

Wings of Madoola was an action platformer released for the Nintendo Famicom back in 1986 and was one of many Famicom/NES titles that Sunsoft was working on converting for Nintendo's series of multiplayer arcade machines. For whatever reason, though, it was never released, with Sunsoft only providing three titles for the VS. System in North America (Sky Kid, Freedom Force, and Platoon).

The image posted on Twitter shows the game's title screen, as well as the arcade board itself, and was accompanied by an interesting message in Japanese claiming that the company is doing research into the prototype over the Summer and would try to bring it back.

This tweet obviously comes at an interesting time for fans of the original Famicom game, as earlier this year, Sunsoft ran a successful crowdfunding campaign in Japan to reissue Wings of Madoola, Tokaido Gojūsan-tsugi, and Ripple Island for the Nintendo Switch and PC.

Could it be possible that Sunsoft will also release this version of the game on modern machines for players to finally experience? And if so, do they also still have the cancelled VS. System version of Tokaido Gojūsan-tsugi too? Or the VS. System original game Lionex? We'll try and keep you up to date should we learn more.

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