Missile Dancer 2
Image: Terarin Games

Update [Wed 23rd Aug, 2023 13:30 BST]: Terarin Games has given an update on its upcoming title Missile Dancer 2, revealing that it will be coming to Switch and Steam in 2024. The project now has a Steam page with plenty of images showing off a new ship sprite, as well as a roughly one minute-long trailer.

Here's a description of the game's synopsis taken from the Steam page:

"Having developed space exploration technology, humans immigrated to the habitable planet ONEAS. The social order on ONEAS was maintained by the mother computer, and humans were building a civilization on ONEAS as a second Earth. However, the defense system that had maintained peace suddenly went out of control and launched an attack on humanity. The space government determined that the cause was the runaway mother computer and decided to destroy it, and dispatched its latest fighter "Missile Dancer" toward the center of ONEAS, where the mother computer was located."

You can wishlist the game now on the storefront to show your support!

Original Story [Mon 19th Jun, 2023 15:30 BST]: The Japanese developer Terarin Games has made a name for itself by producing many solid shoot 'em-up games over the years, including Raging Blasters, Star Gagnant, and Terra Flame, but its latest seems to be a bit of a departure in style from its traditional output.

On Twitter, recently, the developer showed off a new game in active development called Missile Dancer 2, which is intended as a sequel to 2021's Missile Dancer. But, whereas the original Missile Dancer was a straightforward vertical scroller, it appears this sequel will instead pay tribute to Sega AM2's After Burner/After Burner II (as well as Galaxy Force II) with plenty of sprite rotation and lots of great smoke effects.

The footage Terarin Games has shown off so far reveals the existence of a tutorial, as well as arcade and caravan modes. The arcade mode is also shown to feature seven separate stages too, including the fiery final level featured in the video.

There's no news on a release date yet, but Terarin Games has announced it is currently in development for both PC (via Steam) and Nintendo Switch.

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