Cory Barlog
Image: @noclipvideo

The documentary filmmakers at Noclip have just uploaded a bunch of new videos to its Game History Archive channel focusing on Sony's launch event for 2007's God of War II.

So if you're one of those people who regularly find themselves pining for the days of the PS2, and feel like momentarily stepping back in time to the late 2000s, you might want to head over to the channel and check them out for yourself.

The videos were originally filmed by the video game publication Gamespot at the midnight launch event that took place at the Metreon shopping center in downtown San Francisco and have since been upscaled by Noclip to 1080p.

They include some great footage of actors in costume struggling to steer a horse and chariot through the streets of San Francisco, as well as interviews with Kratos's original voice actor TC. Carson, God of War II co-director Cory Barlog, and the actor Harry Hamlin (who played Perseus).

It's a nice little time capsule and is a reminder of how much the series has changed over the last decade, with the 2018 reboot/sequel God of War and the 2022 title God of War Ragnarök transporting the action from Ancient Greece to the Norse realms, recasting the main actor, and steering the series in an altogether more grounded direction.