Godshard Chronicles
Image: @GodshardRPG

Yesterday, the indie developer J-Cat Games launched a Kickstarter for its upcoming action-RPG Godshard Chronicles, which is being developed for Steam, PS4, PS5, Xbox consoles & Nintendo Switch.

According to the Kickstarter campaign, the game is set to take place in a fantasy world called Alban, where the gods have fallen and only continue to exist in pieces called godshards.

The story can be played with up to two players, with friends being able to take control of both Adanna and Ruby as they search for Adanna's lost father and try to unravel the mystery behind the titular godshards.

Some of the main influences the developers have listed as inspirations for the game's style include The Legend of Zelda, Lunar: The Silver Star, Grandia, and Secret of Mana, with the small team aiming to combine accessible combat with gorgeous pixel art and an atmospheric and emotional story.

It will include musical contributions from the Japanese composer Noriyuki Iwadare, who previously worked on the soundtracks for Lunar: The Silver Star, and Grandia, as well as the NieR and Dark Souls vocalist Emi Evans, and the violinist Shauno Isomura.

If you want to help bring the project to life, you can back the project here (it is currently on £20,000 of its £39,593 target). There are a bunch of different tiers available to pledge to, with the cheapest option (priced at $20) netting you a digital copy of the game for your platform of choice (Steam/PS4/PS5/Xbox Consoles/Nintendo Switch).

There are also, of course, options for physical rewards too, such as a PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 Steelbook edition and a standard copy for Nintendo Switch.

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