Over OBJ
Image: @ls_create

The homebrew developer Little Sound has unveiled a retro trailer for its new Famicom shoot 'em up Over OBJ (as spotted by Gosokkyu!), and the game looks pretty exciting from what we've been able to see of it so far.

As the name suggests, Over OBJ will feature an absurdly high number of sprites onscreen, achieved through the use of a doubler and some canny memory management.

The game was announced back in 2022, but over the weekend Little Sounds' Twitter page @ls_create released a brand new trailer in collaboration with the voice actor @to_kirimasa. This retro-themed commercial gave a closer look at the wide variety of enemy types featured in the game and the incredible amount of bullets that can be displayed all at once.

As the developer stated on Twitter, one of the trade-offs of this kind of presentation is that the backgrounds are mostly pitch-black, except for enemy aircraft. Originally, the developer had intended to include different planets and nebulae, but because of memory limitations, they instead decided it would be counterproductive to add any more detail to the backgrounds.

If you want to keep up to date with the project, we recommend following @ls_create online for news and future trailers. We'll also be keeping an eye on the project and will do our best to keep you in the loop once an NES version becomes available for order. This will likely happen after the initial Japanese release.

Do you like the look of this project so far? Let us know in the comments!

[source twitter.com, via twitter.com]