Taito Egret II Mini
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Update #2 [Thu 24th Aug, 2023 16:40 BST]: The ten games that will be included in Taito Egret II Mini Arcade Memories Vol.2 were revealed in a special Famitsu livestream earlier today.

According to Famitsu's website, these titles will include:

  • Night Striker (1989)
  • Return of the Invaders (1985)
  • Crime City (1989)
  • Cloud Master/Chuka Taisen (1988)
  • Wardner/Pyros (1987)
  • Twin Cobra 2 (1995)
  • Thundercade/Twin Formation (1987)
  • Wyvern F-0 (1985)
  • Operation Wolf (1987)
  • And Yūyu no Quiz de Go! Go! (1990)

Pre-orders are open in Japan starting from today on Amazon.jp, with three options available to buyers.

The first option costs ¥8778 and includes the game, a copy of the A4 strategy book Dengeki Taito Station Volume 3, a mini instruction card for each title, and special Taito 70th anniversary stickers. There are also two more options available that bundle the above with the Taito Egret II Mini (¥19,778) and the Taito Egret II Mini + Cyberstick controller (¥28,578).

Update #1 [Thu 10th Aug, 2023 09:30 BST]: Taito Egret II Mini Arcade Memories Vol. 2 will be released on Thursday, December 21st, 2023 in Japan – and the games included on it will be announced in a live stream on August 24th.

Original Story [Thu 2nd Mar, 2023 10:45 GMT]: A recent addition to the ranks of retro-focused micro-consoles, the Taito Egret II Mini has a lot of tricks up its sleeve – including a rotating display and optional trackball/paddle controller.

Another cool feature is the ability to expand the library of supported games via the Egret II Mini's SD card slot. We've already had Arcade Memories Vol. 1, which came packed with titles such as Slap Fight, Twin Hawk and Gekirindan, and it has now been revealed that a second volume is in the works.

Given Taito's long and proud history in the realm of arcade games, there's still plenty of scope left in this series. What titles would you like to see included in this and future Arcade Memories volumes? Let us know with a comment below.

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