Visco Mini Arcade
Image: PixelHeart

Publisher PixelHeart is working with Blazepro and Unico to produce a mini-arcade unit packed with games from the Japanese developer Visco – and it's expected to arrive this September.

The Visco Mini Arcade Bartop is follows in the footsteps of the MVSX Arcade Bartop, produced by Unico under licence from SNK.

Measuring 27cm x 29cm x 41cm and weighing 4kg, the unit will contain the following titles:

  • Asuka & Asuka (1988)
  • Maze of Flott (1989)
  • Galmedes (1992)
  • Andro Dunos (1992)
  • U.N. Defense Force: Earth Joker (1993)
  • Goal! Goal! Goal! (1995)
  • Neo Drift Out (1996)
  • Breaker’s Revenge (1998)
  • Captain Tomaday (1999)
  • Ganryu (1999)
  • Bang Bead (2000)
  • Bang 2 Busters (2011)

You can pre-order the unit below.

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