Classic '90s point-and-click adventure Simon The Sorcerer is getting a new outing, thanks to the efforts of Italian developer Smallthing Studios.

Originally released in 1993 by Adventure Soft and conceived by father-and-son team Mike and Simon Woodroffe, Simon The Sorcerer has spawned many sequels over the years, but Simon the Sorcerer Origins will be a prequel to the mainline series and will tell "a riveting tale of an unruly and irreverent young man thrust into a world brimming with magic."

"This bold and ambitious project is driven by the passion and dedication of Massimo Calamai, Founder and Game Director of the Smallthing Studio, and Fabrizio Rizzo, Lead Game and Narrative Designer," reads the game's press release. "The duo took inspiration from the iconic 90s classic to craft a fresh starting point that celebrates the series’ past, all the while embracing modern innovation."

One of the most surprising announcements relating to the game is the fact that '80s pop icon Rick Astley will be contributing a new song to the game's soundtrack. "Testament to the international scope of Simon the Sorcerer Origins are the numerous surprises on the horizon, not least of which is the inclusion of a track by renowned singer-songwriter and musician Rick Astley in the soundtrack," adds the PR.

Simon the Sorcerer Origins, launches in 2024 on PC, Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch, and will be available in both physical and digital formats. There are plans to localise it in over ten different languages.