Retro GEM
Image: PixelFX

Update [Mon 24th Jul, 2023 13:45 BST]: PixelFX has revealed that its latest HDMI mod not only has support for PlayStation 2 but can also be fitted to Dreamcast, N64 and PlayStation 1.

The company has also revealed that it is working on adding support for the original Xbox and Nintendo Wii, too – making this one of the most appealing HDMI solutions on the market.

The Retro GEM offers digital lag-free HDMI output and can be updated via WiFi. It's not a plug-and-play solution, however; it needs soldering into your console. "These modifications are advanced and require a high level of soldering skill," says PixelFX – but it adds that it offers a list of "recommended installers that can do the modification for you".

The Retro GEM costs $99.99 and can be pre-ordered here.

Original Story [Sat 1st Jul, 2023 18:45 BST]: PixelFX, the company behind the excellent DCDigtal and N64Digital HDMI mods, has revealed that it is working on a similar upgrade kit for the Sony PlayStation 2.

PixelFX's HDMI kits have previously enabled Dreamcast and N64 owners to output signals to their TVs which are far, far superior to the console's standard output. Features include sharper image quality and upscaling – but the kits usually require internal modification, and are not plug-and-play options, like the GCHD.

The firm teased the new mod in a Twitter post, which you can view below.

The firm is also working on an HDMI kit for the original PlayStation, as well.