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Gamers of a certain age will surely recognise the name Gary Harrod. His illustrations were utterly instrumental in making the classic Mean Machines magazine a commercial smash-hit in the early '90s, and he's been involved with many other classic publications over the years – both in the UK and North America.

Harrod's latest project is Gamer Puzzles, which is described by its publisher as "the ultimate brain workout for gamers."

This full-colour, 132-page tome features 99 crossword puzzles designed to test your knowledge of gaming, covering titles such as Elden Ring, Witcher, God of War, Metroid, Doom, Final Fantasy, BioShock, Dying Light, Bloodborne and more.

Gamer Puzzles
Image: Amazon / Gamer Puzzles Ltd

Harrod has both written and designed the book and has successfully managed to transfer some of that old Mean Machines magic to the project, even including references to the old EMAP-style editorial page, complete with amusing threats to those who attempt to republish portions of the book without permission.

If you fancy nabbing a copy of Gamer Puzzles, you can do so using the link below.

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