Mother Street of Mother
Image: Hobonichi

An EarthBound/Mother pop-up shop is about to go on a tour of Japan (as reported by PR Times and spotted by Siliconera and GoNintendo).

The shop called Mother's Street opened last Spring in Shinjuku, Tokyo at the "Enjoyment of Life" exhibition, run by Hobonichi (the company founded by Earthbound's creator Shigesato Itoi), but is now set to go on a tour of several Japanese locations between the dates August 4th to November 13th.

At the stores, Earthbound fans will be able to pick up Mother 2 t-shirts (¥4,950), a recreation of Paula's Stuffed Toy (¥4620), and Ness's Yo-Yo (¥2200), as well as Mother-themed skateboard decks (¥16,500). There are also a bunch of other items too, with many of these designed to represent a cross between "1980s American culture" and "today's street culture".

Mother Street of Mother
Image: Hobonichi

Here's a full list of the tour locations and dates (opening times vary between the different locations):

  • Nagoya - Sakae Loft - August 4th - August 28th
  • Ikebukuro - Ikebukuro PARCO - September 1st to September 25th
  • Sendai - JR Sendai Station - September 4th to September 15th
  • Toyama - Sogawa Base - September 17th to September 30th
  • Umeda - Umeda Loft - September 29th to October 22nd
  • Shibuya - Shibuya 109 - September 29th to October 15th
  • Sapporo - Sapporo PARCO - October 6th to November 5th
  • Hiroshima - Hiroshima PARCO - November 1st to November 13th

This looks to be an amazing opportunity for Earthbound fans to load up on Mother-related merch (should you be fortunate enough to be visiting the country at the time). So if you find yourself in any one of those areas, be sure to make a note to stop by.

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