Super Smash Bros. Melee
Image: Nintendo

Fans recently banded together to help Mother 3 composer Shogo Sakai gain over 1K subscribers after discovering the musician's YouTube channel online and seeing that it could use a bit more attention towards it.

Sakai is an experienced musician who in the past has worked for the likes of Data East and Hal Laboratory. In addition to Mother 3, he is credited as a composer and arranger on Super Smash Bros. Melee, various Kirby games, and Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

His YouTube channel was set up all the way back in 2015, but he's only started uploading properly to it since going freelance in 2023, with the musician sharing some video tips on different 8-bit composition techniques.

The videos are unfortunately only in Japanese for now, but that's understandable when you consider that it is currently only a one-man operation, and paying for a full-time translator can often be expensive.

Nevertheless, Necrosoft Games director and the former senior editor of Gamasutra Brandon Sheffield called attention to the channel yesterday on Twitter in an attempt to get more people to follow it.

In a message to his followers, Sheffield encouraged fans to support the channel and show their appreciation for Sakai, who was only on under 400 subs at the time:

"So apparently @Shogo_Sakai, composer of Mother 3, Super Smash Bros, and various Kirby games has a YouTube channel with under 400 subs where he describes 8 bit music composition techniques among other things. You all know what to do!"

Following this, Sakai was then inundated with a bunch of new followers and has now climbed to close to 2000 subscribers on the popular video-sharing website. In response, he personally thanked Sheffield on Twitter for his help promoting the channel, writing:

"Brandon Sheffield! Thanks to you, the number of YouTube subscribers is climbing! appreciate! I'm new to video production. I would be happy if you could give me your opinion if there is anything that should be improved."

If you're a musician interested in Shogo Sakai's videos or just want to show your appreciation for his music across various classic games, we recommend subscribing to his channel here.

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