It's always a buzz to meet your heroes, but how far would you actually go in order to do so?

For Japanese comic duo Manabu and Takumi – better known as Kaminari – that distance was almost 6,000 miles from their home base in Tokyo to Nottingham in the heart of the England Midlands. Their goal? To meet musical legend David Wise, former in-house composer at Rare and the genius behind the soundtracks to countless classic games, including Donkey Kong Country.

Clad in Brighton & Hove Albion football shirts (the English Premier League team that Japanese footballer Kaoru Mitoma plays for), the intrepid duo set out from Japan's Haneda Airport, with London being their next stop. Then they had to endure the long trip up the M1 motorway to Nottingham (factoring in a food break), where Wise now resides.

The real kicker here is that the pair (along with their cameraman and interpreter) had no appointment – and, upon arriving at Wise's house, found it empty. Incredibly, they bumped into the composer walking down the street and quickly arranged what must rank as the most expensive 'chat over a cup of coffee' in the history of games media.

It's a pretty heartwarming watch, even if you can't understand what's being said.