Anbernic RG Nano

Anbernic, the firm behind a host of emulation-based handheld gaming systems, is about to release its smallest console yet.

Dubbed the RG Nano, this dinky device is small enough to fit on your keys. It was first rumoured that Anbernic might be challenging the likes of the FunKey S back in January, but now solid footage of what appears to be a production unit has surfaced online (thanks, Retrododo).

The clip shows the RG Nano in light blue casing, along with four face buttons and two shoulder buttons. The device packs a 1050mAh battery and uses a Linux OS. Support goes all the way up to the Game Boy Advance, so you can expect anything before that to also be supported – including NES, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Master System, Mega Drive and more.

There's a single speaker on the device, and the USB-C port at the top of the unit is used for both charging and audio – there's no 3.5mm headphone socket, presumably due to the unit's diminutive dimensions. You'll need to use a special USB-C-to-3.5mm adapter if you want to listen via your headphones, and that means the RG Nano cannot be charged at the same time (just like the Game Boy Advance SP).

The small screen and tiny buttons are going to make gameplay awkward, which makes us think the RG Nano is going to be little more than a novelty – but we'll reserve judgment until we actually get our hands on it.