Chicken Nugget Tetris
Image: McDonald's

The McDonald’s chicken nugget is now 40 years old apparently, and to mark this grand occasion in China, the fast food giant is giving away LCD handhelds in the shape of the iconic nibble (thanks, RetroDodo).

The really random part of this is the fact that the handheld is running Tetris, the legendary Russian puzzle game which helped launched the Game Boy and was recently immortalised in a Hollywood movie starring Taron Egerton.

Why has this connection been made? We've honestly no idea, but if you're going to stick any game inside one of these cheap LCD devices, then it might as well be one of the best ever made, right?

This isn't the first time that McDonald’s and video games have intersected. Back in the '90s, Japanese studio Treasure created McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure for the Sega Mega Drive / Genesis, while Virgin released Global Gladiators on the same console, which featured McDonald's branding. In the same year, Virgin also released M.C. Kids on the NES, another tie-in with the restaurant chain.