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Rebecca Ferguson, the star of Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, Dune, and Doctor Sleep, revealed her love for the Nintendo Game Boy and Donkey Kong in a recent interview with the Brazilian blog Jovem Nerd (as spotted by @ShiryuGL).

The interview was part of a press junket for the Apple TV+ series Silo, a Fallout-esque show about a group of people living in an underground community, which is based on the novels of the author Hugh Howey and streaming now. So, as part of the interview, Jovem Nerd's co-founder Alexandre Ottoni asked Ferguson what she would take with her if she had to live in a location like the show's titular silo.

After some thought, she responded with the following:

"You need something that can contain for a long time and when you’re done, you go back again. And it needs to shape history. I'm not religious, but if there was a bible or something I would bring all volumes, you know what I mean. But not! I would not bring a bible at all. Not my belief. But something like that. Something fundamentally huge...Or a Game Boy. Do you remember the Donkey Kong? I don't need anything else"

Confusingly, the video of the interview shows both the advert for the 1994 version of Donkey Kong and the 1995 platformer Donkey Kong Land as Ferguson says this, so it's unclear which version she was actually referring to here. Nevertheless, considering both games are fantastic, we have to admire her fabulous taste.

Also worth noting, too, is that elsewhere in the interview Graham Yost, the series creator and executive producer, expressed his love for Duke Nukem 3D. Though he brought it up specifically to say it's nothing like the show. In other words, don't be expecting any Pig Cops or Octabrains:

“This doesn’t really compare to Duke Nukem, let’s just say that. I’m going old school. Duke Nukem is a great game. Duke Nukem is a great game because it’s funny. The Silo-world, there’s a lot of humour within. I love people who are in a pretty grim place in many ways and they just figure out a way to make a life and carry on.”

You can watch the first episode of Silo now for free on Apple TV+, or watch the second episode with an Apple TV+ subscription. New episodes are released weekly, with this first season comprised of 10 in total.

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