Donkey Kong 94
Image: Nintendo

Donkey Kong (1994) for Game Boy might not come up as much in conversation as Rare's platformer Donkey Kong Country, which was released in the same year, but it's arguably one of the best Donkey Kong titles and one of the best Game Boy games to boot.

It featured some devilishly challenging platforming levels and an exciting new move-set for the Italian plumber that included the ability to perform handstands to catch falling barrels and jump even higher.

If, like us, you're a fan of the 1994 Donkey Kong game, then you'll probably be excited to learn that a new romhack has recently been released, adding over 25 original levels to the game. The streamer CousinCatnip is responsible for the hack, with some additional modding from Menblock. It was also created in collaboration with CousinCatnip's community, who submitted ideas, and used bailli's eDKit level editor.

As the readme.txt for the hack says:

"During the Summer months, CousinCatnip does a fun little stream marathon called: The Summer of DK & Banjo! To celebrate the 2022 season, they wanted to do something fresh so they asked their community for level ideas and almost the entire hack was built on stream. Why THIS game? They saw there was a fantastic level editor for DK'94 but very few hacks that used it! So now here we are..."

If you want to download the hack, you need to head over to and download the IPS. You'll also need a copy of the original Donkey Kong ROM, an IPS patcher, and an emulator that can play Game Boy games. You should find all the instructions you need on its main page. Below we've added some screenshots of some of the earlier levels:

Have you tried out this hack yet? What did you think?