Image: Pie for Breakfast/Mega Cat Studios

Pie For Breakfast and Mega Cat Studios yesterday launched a Kickstarter for a new gardening-themed RPG called Kudzu for the Game Boy. And already it looks like it's hit its target of £12,164 (thanks GoNintendo!).

Kudzu is a non-linear adventure "in the spirit of Zelda and Metroid". It focuses on the apprentice gardener Max who must go on an "epic" adventure through "fields, gardens, forests, villas, and mountains" covered in an invasive plant species called Kudzu to find his lost mentor who has mysteriously disappeared. To do this, he is armed with a bevy of gardening tools at his disposal, including a hoe, rake, and a machete, which all serve to remove the various obstacles in his way.

Looking at some of the screenshots and the trailers already released for the game, it immediately brings to mind classic Zelda games like Link's Awakening, Oracle of Ages, and Oracle of Seasons, boasting that familiar top-down perspective as well as plenty of dungeons to explore and strange NPCs to interact with.

You can still back the game on Kickstarter now, with $60 (roughly £49) netting you a cartridge of the game "complete in box" with a manual, as well as a poster, pin, postcard, keychain, and some stickers. There are also some stretch goals in there too, including one for a Nintendo Switch port from 8BitLegit.

If you'd like to back the project, you can do so over on Kickstarter now. Rewards are expected to ship December 2023 and you can play a demo of it now in your browser or your emulator of choice to help you make up your mind.

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