Numskull has produced some pretty cool pieces of Silent Hill merch recently, and the latest product in its officially-sanctioned range has just been revealed.

Standing at ten inches tall, this new statue showcases the lead character from Silent Hill 3, Heather Mason. She's clad in her familiar outfit, and comes complete with a flashlight and firearm.

Numskull's PR reads as follows: "Heather Mason, a teenage girl who becomes entangled in the twisted machinations of the town’s cult, which seeks to revive a malevolent deity. As she navigates through Silent Hill’s eerie environments, Heather goes on a journey of self-discovery, confronting various twisted monsters and solving puzzles in order to uncover the dark secrets of the town and her own past."

How much will this delightful figurine cost you? Well, if you've been paying attention during Numskull's previous product reveals, you'll know it won't be cheap. Miss Mason will in fact set you back a whopping £99.99 / €119.99 / $129.99, but that's pretty standard for a statue of this kind.

Heather's statue is expected to ship this September.