Game Boy Advance
Image: Zion Grassl / Time Extension

Forest of Illusion, the preservationist group responsible for rescuing fascinating and obscure pieces of Nintendo-related history, is used to archiving some pretty bizarre kinds of software. But one of its most recent efforts definitely ranks among its strangest discoveries.

On April 10th, 2023, the group announced on Twitter that it had preserved a cancelled port of The Holy Bible for the Game Boy Advance. No, not a video game inspired by the events of the bible, but the bible itself, presented in an easily readable format on the handheld.

Rainbow Mission was the company responsible for porting the bible's text over to the handheld, with Crave Entertainment and 505 Games scheduled to handle its publishing in the US and the UK.

As Forest of Illusion notes, the port got pretty far along, with box art being produced and a release date being set on 505 Games' website for November 2006, but then the project was quietly cancelled for undisclosed reasons. In what we assume must be an employee joke, someone at 505 Games also seems to have listed it under the "action" tag on its catalogue of upcoming products for the GBA.

Immature? Probably! Funny? Well, we'll let you decide!

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