Image: Game Freak

Game Freak is most famous for being the primary developer behind the insanely successful Pokémon video game series, but back in the '90s, it was also working on Sega's Mega Drive / Genesis system.

1992's Magical Tarurūto-kun marked the firm's Sega debut, and it would follow that up two years later with Pulseman, an action platformer which was only released physically in Japan (it would be get a North American localisation on the Sega Channel in 1995).

Copies of the Japanese version change hands for insane amounts these days, so the news that Pulseman has joined the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack is very welcome indeed.

As reported by our pals over at Nintendo Life, Game Freak's title joins Street Fighter II: Special Champion Edition (1993), Kid Chameleon (1992) and Flicky (1991).

[source nintendolife.com]