Resident Evil
Image: Capcom

If you're looking for the perfect way to prove how big a Resident Evil fan you are, look no further than this pair of watches from Seiko (thanks, Siliconera).

The Resident Evil / Biohazard 'Death Island' watches are (apparently) inspired by series protagonists Chris Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy; SBXC129 (that's Chris' model) will cost you an eyewatering 330,000 JPY (approx $2,460 USD), while SBXC131 (Leon) is a little more reasonable at 'just' 319,000 JPY (around $2,380 USD – gulp).

As you can see from the images below, there's nothing that really marks out either watch as particularly Resi-related, beyond the marking on the rear of the casing (which won't be seen when you're wearing it).

Resident Evil
Chris' SBXC129 — Image: Seiko
Resident Evil
Leon's SBXC131 — Image: Seiko

Each timepiece is limited to just 600 units, and 300 of those are earmarked for Japan. The expected release date for both is May 2023.