Pokemon Collection
Image: Hansons

The largest collection of Pokémon-themed items in the world – as recognised by Guinness World Records – is going up for auction, it has been revealed (thanks, Nintendo Life).

Comprised of over 20,000 items – covering video games, cards, toys, plushes and even toilet paper – the collection belongs to an anonymous woman from Hertfordshire in England. It's being sold in a single lot on October 18th, and the auction company behind the sale – Hansons – believes the collection could make as much as £300,000 (approx $340,000 USD).

The seller has said she's parting company with the collection due to financial concerns but will hold on to some items that are of sentimental value.

"From childhood, every penny of pocket money and savings went on Pokémon and when it came to Christmas and birthdays, Pokémon presents dominated," the seller tells Hansons. "I fell in love with it immediately. Unfortunately, I was bullied at school. For me Pokémon provided a great escape. I liked to come home and immerse myself in it. Playing video games and reading the manga (Japanese comic) really helped. It’s been brilliant to be recognised by Guinness World Records but, more than that, my hobby has helped me make new friends. I am a quiet soul, a bit of an introvert. Pokémon has helped me gain confidence. It also inspired me to visit Japan – to buy Pokémon of course – which was great. I really enjoyed seeing the country. Everyone was so nice. It’s a fascinating culture."

The Guinness World Records certificate will be displayed at a pop culture exhibition at Hertford Museum.

David Wilson-Turner, head of the toy department at Hansons, said:

This is a fantastic once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own the single largest collection of Pokémon memorabilia that has ever come to the market. It is currently being stored in a secure lock-up.

Pokémon has been soaring in value in the collectors' market for six years.

Wealthy young people in their 20s and 30s who got into Pokémon when they were children are buying and prices have spiked.

This is a fantastic investment opportunity for a wealthy Pokémon collector or any wise investor.

Despite the seller deciding to maintain anonymity, it's highly likely that the person behind the sale is none other than superfan Lisa Courtney, who first entered the Guinness Book of Records in 2010 with her collection of more than 12,000 Pokémon items.

[source bbc.co.uk, via nintendolife.com]